Thursday, March 8, 2012

Playroom Art Display

My children create a lot of art work. Since my daughter started preschool, her contribution to this has easily quadrupled. I needed a way to display some of the favorites and thought the playroom was a perfect place for this.

I saw this on pinterest and was inspired to get started.

I originally was going to use a wire with clothespins but the more I thought about it, the less I liked that idea. When I saw the idea with wood it all clicked. I decided to use some boards and clothespins for mine. I found some lightweight boards at the craft store. They were light enough to easily hang on the wall, but firm enough to be durable. I painted them a lime green - a nice, bright gender neutral color that brings life to our playroom's khaki walls. I covered the clothespins with ribbon (because it's way faster and easier then taking them apart and painting them, and I liked being able to add in some fun prints) and then measured their spacing on the boards.

Then I hot glued the clothespins on. I thought about using wood glue, but hot glue did the trick and I didn't figure anything too heavy would be hanging on these for it to matter.

I added picture hangers to the back of the boards and hung them on the wall. And then hung a few of the pieces of artwork stacked on our counter from the week.

For what I wanted, this was a quick and easy project and it turned out how I envisioned. My preschooler beams seeing her art work hanging while we play. Now when she paints or colors she asks "can we hang these on the wall too?" Maybe I should have made longer boards! 

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