Tuesday, March 20, 2012

10 things to do with a sick (young) kid

While I generally have very healthy kids, this winter has felt like one illness after another. Having sick kids is no fun, and the biggest reason for me is how sad it is to see their normally endless energy selves feeling so lethargic and icky. When my kids get sick, they get pretty spoiled (as they should when they are sick in my opinion), and I try to bring as much "fun" to the sick party as I can.

Here is an art project A and I did together today while she was sick at home. I wasn't sure we were going to get to it because she was pretty much glued to the couch all day, but she surprised me with some evening energy to move to the table for a little craft time. I was inspired by this. It provides a bright and cheerful piece on our playroom art wall and fitting for the first day of spring (even though it still feels like winter outside).

10 things to do with a sick (young) kid:

1. The obvious go-to - watch movies.
2. Build a fort. Snuggle and read books together in it by flashlight.
3. Make homemade playdough. Even though you have a huge bin of it already, because making your own is really cool to a kid (and pretty cool to me as an adult too).
4. Print out new coloring sheets and let them pick which ones. We like Disney, Sprout, and Nick Jr.
5. Have a pretend birthday party for a special doll or stuffed animal.
6. Sing silly songs together. Laughter heals all.
7. Build a "snuggle nest" (huge pile of blankets and pillows) and snuggle, sing together, read together, nap together, watch movies, etc.
8. Plan a special art project to do together. (see ours from today, above)
9. Play "Couch I Spy" - just like regular I Spy but from the comfort of the couch - if you can see a window you can include things outside too.
10. Talk. About everything, and nothing, and all the things you haven't taken the time to ask about or talk about during the normal hustle and bustle of healthy life.

What do you do with your kids to make sick days a little more fun? I would love to hear your ideas too!

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  1. Here's what I did when my kid was sick: I setup his firetruck tent in the living room, and we read his favorite Archie comics inside with the lights turned off. Our only light was the T.V, and his favorite cartoon channel as well. Heheh! But of course, I made him a glass of orange juice so that he could drink when he got thirsty and to be able to help him recover from the fever much faster.

    Chalice Lindgren