Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Rainbows & Racecars Birthday Party

A & G are 25 months apart, so their birthdays are just a month apart, almost to the day. I LOVE planning parties, but this year - and with A's permission, I decided to plan their parties together, rather than doing two separate ones. I am not sure if I will do this next year or any other year, but I do know that it worked well this year and was a lot of fun! Finding a theme that would work for opposite genders was a little tricky at first, but once I found Rainbows and Racecars I knew it would be awesome. So, with the help of pinterest, I got to work planning a super fun party for my 4yr old daughter and 2yr old son. Here it is:

FOOD: Cupcakes (of course), Oreo pops (trickier than I anticipated!), Rainbow jelly beans, Veggies & dip, "Spare tires" (chocolate mini donuts), Rainbow M&M cookies (thanks chips ahoy!), Rainbow goldfish, Chips, Rainbow fruit and marshmallow cream cheese dip, Sub sandwiches, Racecar cutout PB&Js, Cars juice boxes, "fuel up" water bottles, and punch (this punch is REALLY good, but I cut the sugar to 1 cup, or you could probably leave it out completely - it is already really sweet without it). 

FAVORS: A and I tied die cast cars onto mini swirl lollipops. I created some custom hang tags, cut them out, hole punched and we tied them on with red and purple curling ribbon. Easy peasy. 

DECOR: I kept it simple; racecar pendant banner, race table cloths, rainbow birthday banner (Target), some rainbow hangy things (no clue the correct term for these). I had the cupcake toppers and cupcake wrappers custom created by Modern Beautiful - they created a digital file and emailed it over to me and then I did all the printing, cutting, assembling. They were amazing to work with ~ they didn't have anything racecar but quickly whipped up exactly what I had in mind to go with their adorable chevron rainbow print - I highly recommend them if you are in need of some DIY birthday items. I downloaded my food cards for free from Vinnie Pearce and then typed the items in rainbow colors with text boxes before I printed them. I also adapted their free fuel up label and made my own water bottle labels with it. I used red and purple plates, napkins, utensils, and cups for that balance of themes.

ACTIVITIES: Racecar and Rainbow coloring pages, and color your own wooden racecars - (I created "Color" and "Body Shop" signs in publisher to match the theme), ballpit, Rainbow Pinata , and of course with it being a nice day the swing set got plenty of play action.

{My little G man getting some help with his swing from the hubby}

{A taking a swing!}

Such a fun day and a fun party! I adore this theme and am a little sad it's over! I guess I'm off the hook for birthday planning for another year now. 


  1. looks like a super fun party! :)

    our boys both have May Birthdays so we've gotten into a trend of having a joint party ever other year. (for now - or as long as the eldest will allow it, most likely!) :)


    1. I figure I have a couple years at least that I can get away with joint parties...it is a little more difficult with the different genders :)