Thursday, May 31, 2012

Free Printables Love

One of my favorite things about Pinterest is all of the free printables I find from blogs I previously didn't know existed (and many times, end up following). Oftentimes, I just get ideas and make my own rendition, but sometimes, the printables are perfect (in my humble opinion) as is.

My laundry room is one place in our home that I have not spent a ton of time decorating, yet I spend enough time in there, figured I should! I found this awesome printable from A Pop of Pretty and I couldn't have made it, or said it better myself :) I formatted it in Publisher to 8x10, printed it out, popped it in a black Ikea frame and voila: a print I love, to decorate a once bare wall of my laundry room. She also has a fantastic tutorial for making your own, but I loved this one she offered so much, I decided I'd rather spend the crafting time on other projects and take advantage of her generosity! Isn't this saying so perfectly true? LOVE IT.

I think this one from Three Little Monkeys studio will be my next laundry room free printable to hang.

I also found this Subway Family Rules free printable from Adventures of a Betty Crocker Wannabe and it is in our dining nook area. I had been looking at these for so long, trying to figure out the perfect words to use...and then I found this. I may have changed or added a couple things if I had taken the time to make it myself, but I truly love everything this sign says. And it took me all of 10 seconds for my printer to spit it out.

I found this free subway reading printable from Restless Risa and thought it was perfect for our playroom. It hangs above their reading area and fits quite perfectly.

There are so many more I have found (if you follow me on Pinterest, you already know!), some I have used, others I have drawn inspiration from, and others that are in queue to be used. 

Do you have any favorite free printables? I'd love to see what you have found too!

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