Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sew Now What

I consider myself a sewing beginner. Very beginner. I got a sewing machine when I was pregnant with my son a couple years ago. Before this, I could only hand stitch buttons and such. I took a class at a fabric store and learned how to use it...very basic. very very basic, but I was excited to teach myself from there.

My first project was a crinkle toy for G. It was successful, even though it was not perfectly square...and the corners were whack. I was not trying to sell this, just make a fun crinkly toy (using part of an old wipes container) that my baby boy would enjoy. Success!

Next, I decided to challenge myself. Using some baby receiving blankets I already had along with some batting from the fabric store, I decided to sew toddler size pillows. One for A and one for G. These too, at first seemed successful, well almost.

A's looked a little flat, but not bad. A actually used hers to sleep on though and a month or two later it was a flat flat mess and I no longer believed hers successful. And hers was the most successful from the beginning too. I keep hers in the linen closet for camping now and bought her a MUCH better pillow that has not gone flat on her.

G's pillow was just to sit on the rocking chair in his room. Decorative mostly, and a little lumbar support for me. I say for me, because the hubs always throws the pillow on the floor when he is in rocking G. I find it laying on the floor the next day when I sit in the chair and think, "where's the pillow that makes my back feel better?" Maybe it has to do with our height difference (5'3" vs 5'10")...maybe.

Anyway, G's pillow started off super cute, and I used extra batting because I learned from A's. The problem arose when I did 'who knows what' to my sewing machine - bumped a lever? pressed a button? no clue... and the stitches suddenly were no longer tight at all. I couldn't figure out how to fix it...so I finished the pillow, loose stitches and all. It has not fallen apart, and it still looks cute. I notice it often when I sit down in the chair, or more often when I pick it up from the floor where hubs threw it, but from a small distance you wouldn't know if you weren't looking for it. So in some ways, I claim this a success too.

The problem now lies in the fact that I have not touched my sewing machine in nearly 2 years because of this loosening of stitching setting I messed up. I have had several sew-happy friends tell me what that is called and that it is not a hard fix with my manual. But I have yet to break out the manual. I tried right after it happened, got frustrated and stopped. Then we had to pack. Then we moved. Then we unpacked. And now, a year after the move, I am finally getting my craft room in order enough to actually try my hand at sewing again.

Time to break out the manual, ugh. And try to figure out through all the sewing machine lingo how to fix the tension (?) or whatever it's called.

But then, another problem. I don't think I even remember how to turn the thing on. How to thread the needle...or worse, the bobbin. But that won't stop me. I WILL conquer this.

I have supplied myself with several tutorials (thank you pinterest) to re-teach myself these things, and hopefully move forward with this neglected machine I so longed for.

I am committing here and now, to re-start sewing in 2012, and better yet, before Spring. If anyone has tips or suggestions for me I am all ears!

I have big dreams for me and my sewing machine to accomplish together this year. Watch me prove it.

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